Food Distribution Venues

Freshly-made and nutritious meals are distributed daily from both our centres in East and West London and on a weekly basis from specific distribution venues in sheltered homes to the disadvantaged.

Daily Food Distribution from our centre at Greville House, West London
Daily Food Distribution from our centre in Green Street, East London
Weekly Food Distribution at the Cherry Tree House in Brentford, Hounslow
Hounslow Community Food Box

Food distribution in collaboration with the Challenge Project

This food distribution event was organised in collaboration with the young people from the “challenge project”. The young people were assigned to find a venue, promote and raise funds for the event, as well as to assist with the food distribution on the day itself. Feed Them All prepared a nutritious and delicious lunch to everyone’s content. Feed Them All and the Challenge project worked well together and made a successful event.

62 plates of food were distributed between the Hounslow Community Box, the Cherry Tree House nursing home and the Danehurt Sheltered Housing. The feedback and response from the people who received the meals and the young people of the challenge project was very positive and encouraging. We would like to thank the Hounslow Community Food Box for allowing us to use the venue as a food distribution point.

Acton Homeless Concern

Feed Them All visited the Acton Homeless concern and distributed 172 plates of freshly prepared nutritious meals. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience to work along the volunteers at the Acton Homeless concern centre. Everyone loved the food and they look forward to have our visit again.